About Me

I am going to start with today and work backwards with who I am and how I ended up doing Freda’s Family Food,trying not to bore you too much!!!.  Married to John (my secret weapon) who is the chef in the family.  We have 3 boys aged 12,8 and 7.  These boys are the main reason I came up with this idea. I love catering at home, it is 2nd nature to me but it was demanding and time consuming and sometimes difficult to get a boys birthday party organised, I always felt ...”what if I could just call someone and it would all be sorted .... what a relief that would be” ... well here I am. By the way I do have some real catering experience other that feeding three children, a husband and a dog. Since coming to Fossa I have ran the 19th Green Guesthouse and hosted varies Coach Tour Dine Arounds .I have had the privilege of organising and delivering Corporate and Player Hospitality for both Irish Opens in 2010 and 2011 which were  hosted at Killarney Golf & Fishing Club. Now for the boring stuff: We run our own guesthouse - 19th Green Guesthouse, Fossa, Killarney for the last 8 years. Before that I was Operations Manager at the now Malton Hotel for a year and 8 years in the Torc Great Southern Hotel as General Manager.  I spent years working in Switzerland, England and France, and I am a Hotel Management Graduate from Galway IT.

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