Family Gathering

How to Host a Family Gathering

family gatheringA family gathering provides a perfect platform for family members and probably some special guests of the family to reunite and bond among themselves probably after not being together for over a year or more. Therefore if one gets a chance of hosting one, the following are some tips which can come in hand to assist them in planning and hosting a fun reunion for your family members.

Plan your family guest list well in advance. Are you planning for a reunion of just one set of the grandparents, their offspring’s and grandchildren? Or are you going to bring the entire clan together. You need to be precise and flexible when doing an invitation for family members. In a number of occasions, you will find hosts being overly unclear on arriving time or they may turn out to be too strict. The noble thing is to create a window of time which is appropriate for arrival of guest at the venue. If the venue is not providing for catering services, try not to make all the food by yourself  This is where Freda's family food can help out. Enlist some volunteers to help you or even outside assistance. If they are known for certain dishes, ask them to prepare exactly that. More so, let there be a good balance between desserts, appetizers and entrees. If nobody in the entire family is feeling like cooking meals for this family party,  bring in the services of a caterer who is capable of handling all the meal in minute details.


If you are hosting the family or guests at your home, make a decision of which parts of your house are off limits. Make sure you inform the guests as they arrive in your door and if need be, make some clear and visible signs and tape them on areas which are off limits. Next decide on the length or duration of the gathering in view of the location and number of family or guests who will be present. Is it for a day, two days, at Uncle Joe’s or at that commercial venue?  Plan your budget well and in advance, nobody wants the embarrassment of last minute shortages of those drinks!


One can also buy assorted crackers, cheeses and chips which can be displayed nicely in the dining place or any other suitable place. And to avoid distraction, create separate eating arrangements for the children and the adults. This helps to maintain order and incase the dining place is not big enough for all family members.

It is recommended that you as the principal host ought to be available and say goodbye to the entire members of the family as they leave the venue or your house.


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